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I was definitely in heaven when my husband took us to Joe's Crab Shack in Orlando Florida during our 8th year wedding anniversary date! First of all, back in Tennessee always been wanting to go to this restaurant. I learned that this is one of the famous place here in the country. Seafood, Seafood? who doesn't love them? except people who are allergic to them right! Anyway, I was dreaming to eat at this place big time and I need to experience the wearing of this humongous bib ever, lol. 

So anyway, am super excited as we got seated, lol. Grabbed the menu and look around it and i found  the most popular steam pots of shrimps, crabs and lobster! So I ordered it without hesitation, lol. Here I GO, am digging it! As well I got us some appetizers which the crunchy fried pickles (another favorite) and of-course the fried calamari with marinara sauce, Yes! 

The food we had were so delicious and spot on! It's worth the spent and I enjoyed the woman server who service on us. She's very approachable, nice, attentive and she always makes sure that we are one happy diners! I'm pretty sure she's happy because I gave her the tip she deserved, (more than 20% wink). I just wish Joe's is closer so i can visit him when I am craving seafood.

So, let's get cracking!