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It's been three (3) months since i started my serious and make or break diet plan for myself! I still cook delicious meals, delectable desserts for me and family. However, this time around i know and have the discipline to control my appetite and cravings. I am so happy that since year started i lost 12lbs already and i am getting there to reach my weight goal until the year ended. So to make my story short, this is particularly i am doing every morning when i wake up i drink a glass of water with my empty stomach, then after an hour or so I prep the breakfast of mine. I always stock up fruits and vegetables in my fridge. Whatever is in there, that would be the stuff I'm using. 

Yesterday morning what i prep was, simple as 123! I started up with a shot glass of puree orange juice, then slices of mix fruits such as orange, strawberries (5), a nectarine, an apple, 2 mangoes and to make it healthier i usually add them some greens. I mix it with my favorite veges, either spinach, arugula and etc really depends on you. So this time i tried my cucumber slices, and honestly i can't tell the cucumber was there! It was delicious! The mix has no sugar added. Just add half cup of water and 2-3 pieces of ice. Then there you go blend them together and drink them! I am trying to stay healthy and fit. I know you can do it too!  


awesome fruit and veggie selection for your smoothie. i would love to make some.

Awe! What a wonderful and healthy way to start the day. I would love me some please. I love fruit smoothies. :)

it's only been over a week since we started this kind of diet and nutrition too and so far i lost 5 lbs :D hopefully it wont fluctuate and go back up again.

I miss making smoothies. love the fruit and veggie combination you have here.

delicious smoothies, i wish i can also do this at home..

Yumminess for sure. I love healthy drinks, esp smoothies. This can be a power drink and energy booster to get going through the day.

Looks delightful and refreshing! I always love smoothie in the morning too!

wow, really! good for you mami for being so motivated..this is the healthy way indeed....way to go!

I would love to try this morning breakfast but I don't think my budget can afford to buy fruits all the time...fruits are expensive!

Wow, way to go... 12 pounds is a lot already, keep it up!

Very healthy and nutritious. I have only tired strawberry, mango, banana smoothie and blend it separately. I haven't triend mixing fruits and veggies though. This is a good diet and like i said healthy drinks

i love shakes and smoothies! this is so nutritious and can be a meal replacement for me.

Starting your day right with fresh fruits and veges are really important. Well, we should do it often if not everyday.

I love to eat fruits as well Mommy Shela :-) I should try using our blender and mix all the fruits all together and make a healthy and delish smoothies :-) I am so happy for you and keep it up :-)

Wow, I envy you because of the disciplined you have. Unlike me having a hard time to be fit.

What a healthy and refreshing drink. I would really want to have one right now.