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The key to success in any small business is providing high quality products at the best price on the market. Especially in the frozen yogurt industry, customers are looking for the best tasting and healthiest options on the market. For this reason, it's important to find suppliers who are industry leaders in frozen yogurt. The brands you choose will depend on what your market research has shown your area requests the most, whether kid-friendly or gourmet. It's important to consider a few elements to guarantee you are choosing the right frozen yogurt supplier.
Make a list of the different types of frozen yogurt you want to carry in your shop. This should include flavors, sugar-free options and non-dairy options. You may also want to consider numerous brands, as well. By doing your research on specific companies that supply to your area, you can decide what company will provide you with the best product for your business. Create a budget for how much you are willing to spend on your product. This will help you to narrow down how many choices you can afford to offer your customers, while remaining profitable. You don't want to provide too many choices and have flavors that you don't sell, but you also don't want to few of options either. Refer to your marketing data from your business plan to make the right choice.
Look for a distributor with many years of success in the business. These companies have a proven track record for customer service, which will ensure the quality of your product. You may even be able to refer to your equipment supplier for their recommendations or use a consultant to help choose, as well. These knowledgeable teams work with suppliers, distributors and equipment companies to give small businesses a chance to find their own success.