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Serving these food everyday is worth the hard work! I truly enjoying and loving my offline job recently! Yes, I am officially working mommy now at a Thai Restaurant here in our place. We only serves delicious authentic Thai cuisines and a twist of Filipino too. these are some of the dishes that we have in the restaurant. Aren't they look so good and inviting?

~Red Dragon Roll~

~Salmon Mango~

~Mango Sticky Rice~

We have all kinds of noodles soup too, stir fry noodles, appetizers from tempura to crab ragoon, sushi, shashimi, rolls and maki, mouth watering Thai desserts and lots to choose, from delicious entrees, specials and more!


Nice post. Good recipe.

wow! i would love to try that.. i mean eat not cook, lol!

wow, I would love to try that salmon with mango...very interesting dish!

I'm not so good with thai cuisines but.. those seems yummy!

Oh my gosh! The red dragon roll looks so yummy! And I love mango sticky rice too.

I am seriously drooling right now. I miss all the food I used to eat when I'm in Thailand. The sticky rice with mango is my favorite! and oh, the Pad Thai too!

I have never been into a Thai restaurant, hubby said they are awesome.

Oh my gosh that dragon roll and Mango sticky rice looks so very drool worthy! :P YUMS!

I love that Mango sticky Rice!

I want some of that Salmon Mango and the sticky rice. Yum!