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Few weeks ago the father-in-law updated his car. From Corvette to the latest model of SUV. I forgot what's the exact name though. LOL! Anyway, he's also thinking of buying a truck for they need it, work-related purposes. I remember he told me before that if ever I'll learn how to drive, he'll gonna give me my own car. Wow! That would be so nice and sweet of daddy. But the problem however is that until now I still don't know how to drive one! Grrrrr! Been bugging the husband to teach me, but because of our hectic schedule we still don't have time. But anyway, it's one of my goals and priorities now, to learn how to drive. Gonna make it happen soon!

Speaking of, I stumble on this Hyundai Genesis dealer's website. The cars are so beautiful! Chic and modern. Simple yet classy. Would one of this be my dream car? I so wish! Hyundai genesis cars and Hyundai genesis sedan are nice for working individuals who likes their cars to be very efficient but not demanding. How about you? How do you find this particular brand of vehicle? Is it worth it? Before buying, one must really know all the feedback and information about the item isn't it? Well as for me, gotta learn how to drive first before daydreaming.