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Chocolates make everything better no doubt about it. It can put a smile to a frowning face, perks up the weary and cheer the gloomy. We all have our favorite chocolates, and I personally can attest to the fact that a bite of my favorite chocolate brings out the kid in me, not to mention it does melt my heart! So what are my favorites? I have lots, but I prefer those milky and rich bonbons since they ain’t too sweet. Some people would prefer white chocolates though, and can never get enough of the creamy goodness that never fails to delight their taste buds. Well it really doesn't matter, this kind of sweet treat is a sure hit isn't it? Speaking of chocolates, there’s one kind that I've been looking for ever since. The first time I had it was way back in my youngster years when a friend of my father got home from abroad and gave us a box of Chocolate Truffles as a gift. Since then i saw the real looking seashells made of chocolates, it’s tattooed on my mind and never left me at peace. But hey, the long wait is over, I just saw it and got to grabbed it, yay!

I’m talking about Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolate, the best tasting chocolate ever! Promised! It’s very unique and cool actually, inside the box are irresistible 100% pure chocolate seashells assortments filled with luxuriously rich and creamy chocolate truffles. It comes in different packaging and collection, any chocolate lover will have a hard time picking one. Yes right, that’s the reason me and the kids had a chocolate overload these few days now. My daughter's favorite is the dark truffles. Gave couple of boxes to my parent in-laws and they love love it too! Look at the little man holding those boxes! He was ear to ear smiles and asked "are these all chocolates? with a big smirked on his face, haha! Believe me, I was smiling twice as much as he was, nuff said! LOL! Can't wait to try? use this coupon code Chocolate10 to save 10% through the end of the year at the checkout.

Short Introduction : Guylian “ultra-indulgent” luxurious chocolate seashells are 100% pure, silky smooth, dark and white Belgian chocolate and are filled with their rich & creamy signature hazelnut filling. The Guylian brand dates back to the late 1950’s when Guy Foubert, a passionate Belgian chocolataire married his love, Liliane, who then joined names creating Chocolaterie Guylian. Today, Guylian crafts the finest authentic Belgian Chocolate Truffles, utilizing the original handmade recipe of Guy and Liliane. Our original signature truffle recipe is still made in small-batch copper kettles exclusively by Guylian’s Master Chocolatiers in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

So without furthering much, Guylian allowed me to host a giveaway! Experience the ultra-indulgent luxurious treats right here, right now! The giveaway starts 9th of October until the 30th of this month. Open to US only. One lucky winner (1) will receive the following products: 
  • One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Original Chocolate Truffles 
  • One – 22 piece box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles 
  • Two - 6 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box 
  • Four - 2 piece Original Chocolate Truffle Box No Sugar Added Chocolate Bars—Milk and Dark Chocolate (one bar of each) 
  • One- 16 piece Vanilla Cream Truffles - Limited Edition
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Love Guylian! I want to win this!

Awesome giveaway, the chocolate looks delicious!

I love Guylian chocolates. The rich, decadent and luxuriously creamy chocolate truffles are irresistible.

Chocolate is my ultimate comfort food, makes me feel good instantly.

Awesome giveaway! Is this open worldwide? I love chocolates!

I hope in the future they hold a contest for worldwide too. I'm craving for these chocolates!!!

Makes my mouth water, would love to try this kinds!

Oh my gulay! These are insanely good and we cannot get enough of it. Like we want more! waaaaaaaaaaaa I love, love, love Guylian and I am sad we are down to one box. If I didn't have to hide it, we would have eaten the entire thing fast. LOL! So divine!

Joined the giveaway! I want to win this for my their hubby and father-in-law!

WOW! We love guylian. too bad we can't join this giveaway.

Wow! I never tried this one, looking forward to win. Joined with oerfect score, oh yeah.

This is great, i wish to try them soon.