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When you’re on a diet, it is only natural to avoid eating in-between meals or having a snack. But who among us doesn’t want a real good snack? But here’s the good news, I came across Barefruit Snacks- our much awaited guilt-free snacks! Barefruit is a healthy snack that is 100% organic-baked dried fruit, low in calories, and naturally sweet. From the name itself, you’ll get this idea that it comes from the very fruit, nothing but the fruit! I like the way how the apple chips are baked and those natural sugars caramelize which give us a sweet and tart flavor.

My daughter loves it and I glad cause it’s healthy for her. She ate them with her favorite dipping sauce, lol. Meanwhile, the lil man is not so fond of chips but to my pleasant surprise he really does love this fruits chips! Absolutely healthy and addicting. On my part though, I love their dried fruits especially their mangoes, i bet it is good for sure. It’s my favorite actually because it reminds me a lot like home. Plus they’re not just snacks to munch but can also be infused to baking. Oh well, gotta keep these goodies in our pantry I guess. Winks!

So without further ado it's my pleasure to announce to my readers and friends about Bare fruit Snacks giveaway click here to win a case of delicious apple chips! Good luck to all you guys!

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Mmmm...Apple Chips! I'm going to have to try these - especially in a few weeks when I'm trying to lose all this pregnancy/baby weight!

yummm... I think my picky eaters would like this.

I've never liked apple chips but these look quite good!

It's nice to find different variety for fruit snacks, healthier for all.

finally someone who blogs about a healthy snack that is healthy! I cant tell you how many time someone said it was healthy and i went and read the ingredients and it was far from healthy. I jjust read the ingredients on these from the site and i can actually eat them! thank you for ahring this brand :)

I myself prefer fresh fruit but dried ones are very handy when travelling and when taking as snacks in school.

Yum! I love healthy snacks and dried fruit is one of my favorites. You're lucky the kids like it. I am yet to convince my baby to try some.

This is what I'm looking for since I'm on a diet. I love that it's organic.