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By far this is one of Filipinos best delicacies of all times, agree? I was given a chance to taste this thing, my brother in-law just came home from his trip to Philippines last month and one of my family's pasalubung is the shrimp yummy paste! So i bought couple of green crunchy mangoes and ate with them along with the red skinny peper or siling labuyu. Oh it is the best day of my life after 4years of missing. LOL.


uhm... pwede maglaway! lol. grabe oi, bisan unsaon, i can't help it jud. makalaway jud ning manggaha ni ba! lol

My first share ever is my Jackfruit-less Banana Toron. Care to munch it with me? Lol.

droolling to the max, i love the sili sa sawsawan mo

heres my yummy sunday entry

ang sarap, kakatakam naman nyan! lucky there's a phil. store here in penh, we can get bagoong anytime. anyway, i'm happy you finally had it after years! have a great week! :)

wow! this is mouthwatering!

yea am happy too after years of eating deprivation because even though we have filipino store near by i just get discourage of trying because i love fresh and theirs taste like stale for century. :-) kaya never mind nlng!