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Whew that's a long name for a cake huh? but it sure so yummy! My parent in-law's wedding anniversary was several days ago and i wanted to surprised them with a homemade delicious cake they could ever taste and that's my cake! Humble it is... LOL! Though i'm not lifting up my own chair here but it is true even myself can't believe that yes i can bake a cake and then make it so yummy! You can bake cakes using the ready mix packages but the one thing what make cakes so inviting and more savory is the icing and the flavors you put on it! I love playing on the food and make it so good!

The recipe is a piece of cake too bad i don't have a photo for a slice because before i knew it the cake was! Sorry guys am not ready to share yet the recipe of this because it's a secret family recipe. wink!


that's a lot of hard work, also a labor of love :) have a great day

looks good!!

Oh oh! This is sooo delicious!


Whoa! I love chocolate. I would love to have a taste of this. It looks yummy!

thank you ladies!!!

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