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Posted by Von Battle

One of the funniest shows on TV for me would have to be Everybody Loves Raymond. Very few comedy shows have been able to pull together such an all star cast to make each actor/actress shine. It is a rare appearance on TV for a show to pull together so well, I do believe it was one of the funniest shows on satellite tv.

The characters in the show are Ray Barone as played by Ray Romano, who plays the husband while Patricia Heaton plays his wife Debra Barone. The actors really make this show shine as they portray a bickering couple, who will do anything to keep Ray's parents out of the house, when they live right next door. Peter Boyle as Frank Barone, and Doris Roberts as Marie Barone play the parents. Brad Garret as Robert Barone, plays Raymond's weird brother who lives with their parents.

Throughout the series Raymond's mother and father, argue with each other until they drive everyone crazy, and Raymond contends to put up with his brother who is jealous of him because of the way their mother favors him, and his family.

The cast really does bring this comedy home, a lot of the time you will not be able to tell who is star of the show, as all of the actors shine in this one.