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Here i am again wanting the impossible... am talking about Filipino food that sure i can not have it here right now! I want to eat lechon baboy (roasted whole pork)! ora mismo! But where? where i could buy one? ughhhhhh...! Two weeks ago the Filipino store in Nashville was serving letchon to their store so Filipinos like me here in Tate can taste some again but i missed it and now i regret why we didn't drive there. Well my husband can't drive me in the first place he wis working Saturday still! Grrrrr... that's why u need to learn how to drive missy.. duh! Now what would i do for my cravings of lechon pig??? sigh... i guess i will do an alternative maybe will roas chicken later! UGHHHHHHHHHH...nothing can bit the lechon though, the crunchy top skin and the yummy goodness juicy meat inside... ohhhh it's devine! Oh well, i should quite complaining here no one can help anyway! LOL.