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I am craving bulad or dried fish since last night! But didn't cook because the husband can not stand the aroma of it haha! I got the bulad from Julie a pinay friend just came from her vacation in the Philippines last December. When she and Saves with her adorable boy visited me last Wednesday (by the way i had fun with you guys!), she brought few of bulads. Of course was good and so tasty! If someone here doesn't know what i am talking about... bulad is one of Filipinos fine delicacies and we make it by scratch. With fresh fish, salt and sun. Dried the fish with salt under the heat of the sun for days or even weeks! That's why the aroma is sooo smelly good, LOL!

Anyway, since the husband is not here till evening this is my perfect timing to cook and let the bulad expose! For the record, i only cook this after i warn my husband not to come home yet because i will spray a deodorizer our entire house first before he gets home. He can't really stand the fishy smell :-(. I understand him though i know it's kind of challenging for him. That's just my husband. I know some pinay doesn't have any issues with it come to this with there significant others.


ahhh! i miss dried fish! i am living here in sweden for one year and six months now and i really want to eat bulad!

soon.. when i get home for a vacation... yummy!

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