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I need some batteries for my camera but unfortunately always forgotten whenever we go out to grocery shopping. Been in awhile I miss taking pictures with my son, he is my model, haha! So many silly acts i witnessed with him that i haven't take shots for evidence to his Dada and family and i don't like it! I wanted to have memorabilia you know. The husband really got me a rechargeable batteries and kit but the li'l boy was to curios to misplaced everything! I always write in my lists of groceries the battery pack but... (I still forgot! duh). I guess later we'll get food, I need to write it in CAPITAL letters so no more forgetting! hayyyy...


it's good your son wants to post in grocery store if you had brought your camera. My kids before refuse to post in public like grocery store

came here to give you some smiles

hi how are you??/

nop! nay i don't take pictures of him in a public particularly grocery stores! hehe...