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Growing up in the Philippines, my grandmother used to make dresses for us. I mean, to each and everyone in the family. My two grandmothers are both dressmakers, so we constantly have new skirts and blouses every now and then. I miss it a lot! It's just so different here in the US. I miss the measuring and styling and everything.

Then recently, hubby want a custom suit for him and our son. Something like "father and son" suit. So I'm really hoping to find a local tailoring shop here in our area, but the prices are overwhelming, lol! Well guess what? I'm just so happy I found My Suit, an online made to measure company with over 40 years of experience in custom made mens’ suit. For as low as $495, customers can have the pleasure and satisfaction of wearing a suit just for them and tailored to their exact measurements!

Purchasing a Made to measure suit from them is easy as 123. Just visit the site and click on the "my suit experience." A virtual kinda process will then be ready for you. From measuring, styling, and you can even choose your most desired fabric. When your done with choice, you can then make an appointment to be measured, and have your beautiful suit in no more than 2 weeks. Beautiful right! Yes it is!

Now I'm so excited to this one already, I'm so excited for father and son suit. How about you? Visit the links now and try it for yourself!