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After I went to the dentist i didn't do much things around the house. Anyway though i make sure that my house is cleaned before going to pull my teeth otherwise it will be very messy until I feel lot better. So yesterday I thought i was already good to do chores again without worrying of my surgery haha! I got enough rest already so mommy need to kick again. While waiting for miracle here, why not took advantage to clean... put clothes away, did laundry, fold clothes, map floors, washed dishes, hayyy! tiring!! but I'm not done yet in the kitchen, so right now chores awaits me, sure it was messy and i saw ants and I hate them to the highest level! During summer season we always get black ants outside and if they smell something inside then you know whats next! So i need to make sure everything is clean but sad to say last night i wasn't able to fix my kitchen before bedtime haha just being lazy me! Got to go.........