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Have you ever try to season your fruit salad with salt? I am avoiding sweets and sugary stuff since i started my diet plan back last January of 2013. Since then i am more into healthier stuff. As you all know i am into smoothies as well, most of my morning starter. I use my NutriBullet helper to fix my family and I a healthy breakfast. Using our favorite fruits and mix them with green leafy vegetables like spinach, cucumber, arugula and more.

Anyway, I was letting my self pig out on the weekend sometimes, lol. So i make sure to back it up with fruits during weekdays which is most likely my schedules are busy! So these are my lunch salted fruit salad. I slice and mix assorted berries such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, then toast some grapes, some watermelon slices and of course oranges. Then dash of salt here and there plus a squeezed of fresh orange too! Delish and very refreshing! Try it, you will definitely love it! Wink!

You need:

6-7 pieces strawberry
a handful of blueberries
a handful of raspberries
a handful of grapes
1 cup watermelon slice
1-2 big oranges


In a deep serving dish, Slice the fruits that needs to be cut. Then toast them altogether, stir and season it with salt to taste. Squeezed one fresh orange and stir. Serve cool.



WOW! This is really an attractive article regarding fruit salad. I just love fruit salad.Thank you very much for sharing this practical article.

haguy! heaven! panghatag... when I ate fresh fruits too, i would rather like to add a pinch of salt.

Looks yummy and refreshing too. These are good and I love them all.

Such a healthy fruit salad! Though that isn't the mix of fruits that I used to know. Hehe

Now that's the fruit salad that I like! :) We almost always have to settle for canned fruits loaded with preservatives.

Nothing can beat a fresh fruit salad!

A fruit salad in a healthy way without sugar and milk. Will try it soon. Thanks for sharing. And I'm sure you will achieve the beautiful body by eating fruits and vegetables. This is also perfect diet for me.

I see 2 of my fave fruits! Blueberries and watermelon! YUMMY! and raspberries too! :D I'm sure this is sooo good!

Never tried this before. I like to eat my fruits free of salt.

i haven't tried fruit salad with salt:) most of the time we just love to eat fruits as it is with some dippings...your fruit salad looks so delish!

yummmm! I am heading to my fridge to get my stuff for my juicing fix! :). Love the colors of the mixture.

I love fresh fruit salads like this because they are healthier..

I love fresh fruit salads too and these fruits you have here are just my favorite fruits ever!