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I recently came across an article about food that heals and if we truly want to be healthy, we have to be mindful of what we eat. I must admit, was never the health conscious type when I was younger, I eat anything edible but then when you age and especially when you have a family of your own, things like health and food becomes important. So now, when out in the grocery store, I make it a point to read the labels, yeah, it’s not that boring anymore, lol! Another thing, when browsing the net, of course you’ll get to discover products and if you find one you think is worth the try, then you go get it!

For example, my newest find is Crunchmaster Multi grain crackers and snack. My favorite is the rice cracker oven baked as well the multi-seed roasted garlic flavored. The kids loves crackers with cheese so every now and then I got to introduce something new to their taste buds. So far, Cruchmaster passed their taste, in fact they just love the crunchiness and crisps. The best part, this is the kind of snack you want your kids to munch because it’s healthy, gluten and cholesterol free, low in sodium and 0 trans fat, who wouldn’t want that? Yay, we’ve got a handful, thank you so much. Tossed some to the in-laws as well and sure thing they loved it! Since then they keep buying a pack or so in the grocery store! Walmarts, Publix, Wholefoods and more has these healthy and delicious thingy over here! Wink!

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