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Weekend is fast approaching and as always it's our bonding time. We could ask daddy to give as a joyride, or have dinner in our favorite restaurant, and maybe the kids can play with their cousins. Got to be fun for next week will be a very busy week for us. Speaking of, the husband got a big job to do pretty soon. A woman close to our town hired him to do her kitchen cabinets, from the designs to the installation. Would also have some renovations and stuff like that. The other day, they talked about the arrangements and estimated cost, it's pretty much a big project actually. The husband really enjoys this kind of job. He loves to work with his hands, build, construct, design projects. I know it's not easy though and it's a tough, heavy job but fulfilling as well. Good thing because he could use different tools to make his job a lot easier like this construction estimating software we found online. A very helpful website wherein we can browse for anything and everything related to the building and construction industry.

It's like a directory which leads you to the right people and right building products. It has extensive articles and resources from engineers, contractors, and so forth to help you decide for the best. And if you're a contractor, you can also advertise with them and reach future clients. Sounds really helpful indeed. I'm talking about BuilderSpace, you can check them out too if you want.