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Thanks to Jeannette Burrell who contributed this guest post

This summer has been completely occupied with my family's most recent move. Never is it fun to move, but it's probably the very worst experience known to man in an Arizona summer. Picture 110 degree days and electricity yet to be turned on as planned. It's amazing what a good move will do to make you appreciate the joys of air conditioning. Once we finally got the air turned on, the boxes out of the truck and the kids fed, the hardest part was over. Sadly, I have to admit that we decided to take a dip in the new pool before we even got around to making lunch or deciding which room to put anything in. Hey, that swim was much needed! We finally got around to arranging furniture, distributing boxes to their rightful rooms and unpacking the closets. It took a good week or so, but we started to get all settled in and our new house began to feel more like home. Of course, that part that the kids felt was the most essential was getting a budle deal with clear and direct tv hooked up in the new place. They were virtually dying without being about to connect with all of their friends online and veg out in front of the TV! Once I got the pictures on the walls, I felt at home. My husband just needed to have his new garage to hold his baby. My kids though, they needed to feel connected to the world of the internet and non-stop programming!