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Yesterday I was so nervous because it was my dentist appointment, It was mix emotion, I'm anxious to get my teeth pull and as well nervous if how much it will cost! I know it is expensive because i have several bad teeth ( not in good shape huh)on the bottom. Supposedly i get these done when i was in the Philippines still so that i don't worry when coming here... but! unfortunately teeth doesn't wanted to cooperate, my dentist in pinas can't even pull them, she complaint about how strong my teeth are and stuff like that! So my dentist adviced me to just get it done here someday or whenever we go back for a vacation in pinas you know, hmmm I was thinking that my teeth doesn't want to leave behind with me they want to be Americanized first haha! Then that time husband is coming to get me so I have no chance, then i got pregnant so on and so fort!

So finally yesterday was the day of my new life without those bad teeth of mine! I'm so glad it was done, but I still have another appointment to come for my other side. I tell you, my dentist was so gentle and kind i didn't even feel the pulling and the pain not at all just right now because the anesthesia worn off already! well, its OK he gave me antibiotics though that would help! because he did pulled three(3) of my teeth on left side all at once this was the one I've been complaining about! I been through surgery procedure... yikes another one aside my CSectiobn hehe...